Thursday, 14 August 2014

Disney Film

As our blog covers all things landscape and other things that catch our fancy, (oddly at first sight) todays entry describes a mundane dog walk. However, it soon felt like we were in a Disney film with chirruping bluebirds flying around our heads and landing on our shoulders. Chipmunks gambolling around our feet and raccoons dancing. (Not really but it adds to the story) The walk took only 40 minutes but in this time we walked past a clucky chicken scuttling into a hedge closely followed by 10 adorable chicks. Further up the lane we passed a very vocal cockerel cock-a-doodle-dooing for all he was worth. Apparently he has been displaced through age to a younger fellow and now spends his time in the hedge shouting his angst and rage to anyone who listens. (There's a film in there somewhere)

Ten minutes later and the dog was shocked to find two huge hares having a chat on the path. They soon took off but not until we were nearly upon them, closely followed by Norma (the dog) who had recovered enough to give chase. As if she stood any chance! They soon disappeared into a field of corn on the cob which now towers over us in a magical garden kind of way. It has grown so fast that I swear you could watch it grow if you set up a chair in the field and had an afternoon to spare.

Our next encounter was truly from Disney. In a nesting box on an old oak tree sat a beautiful barn owl - head just peeking out and staring at us with a slow blink and a wise nodding head. He soon took off and then out popped another one! Both flew off with slow and deliberate wing strokes into the woods and out of sight.

The three dead mice laid out on the path untouched with no visible signs of injury was probably not very Disneyesque but all in all the walk was 'enchanting' and thats all we can say!