Thursday, 14 August 2014


Imagine our surprise when picking up the daily newspaper to see 'amazeballs' was trending. What's this we asked ourselves - have we finally made headline news for our wonderful product? And if so why now? What has occurred in the relatively sleepy world of Stoneballs?

On further reading we realised it has nothing to do with Stoneballs Company and we feel obliged to disclaim any link with this ghastly expression that has made the pages of our august reading material  because the word has now been included in the Oxford English Dictionary Online! Not, however I hasten to add, the main OED. 

The meaning apparently is 'Extremely good or impressive; amazing'. 
The word has also also been included in the Dictionary of the Most  Annoying Words in the English Language where it was defined as an 'exclamation inviting someone to hit you'. Brilliant definition. 

However, on further thought, as all entries must be in common usage to qualify for insertion maybe we are just being intellectually snobbish (priggish - now that is a ghastly word) and we should embrace any new words to our wondereful lexicon of English - that's why the OED is so vast anyway, because language is constantly evolving and never stands still.

Call us 'cray' but we think our stone balls are 'adorbs' and of course 'amazeballs'……

Hhhhhhmmm…erk....maybe not……it's probably an age thing anyway.

Amazeballs or just a lovely thing?